Protein Powder

A nutritional protein meal replacement powder for manageable weight control. Kitolab’s Protein Beverage Powder has a high content of whey protein from New Zealand. The powder also has a delicious taste. (Use one bag per meal, nourishing and portable and should sustain you for four hours).

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The combination of science and simplicity leads to the enjoyment of nutritional products.

Kitolab's weight management philosophy is inspired by the simplicity and serenity of New Zealand.

Join our one-week challenge to maintain your healthy and beautiful body with nutritional benefits and a delicious taste.

Kitolab promises to help regain and maintain your vitality.

It cointains plant dietary fibre and a high content of whey protein.
our new and improved technology means one packet will keep you full for three hours.


Milk from New Zealand

A selection of high-quality milk sourced from New Zealand.


Rich in Vitamins

Specially added multivitamins, including vitamin C and vitamin E.